April 18, 2006

firaushah.com - the blog

This post is to let my readers know that I'm going to semi-discontinue this blog, Dunner's Learn About Islam. All of these posts (and their respective comments) have been imported into my new blog, firaushah.com - the blog, which is associated with the new Islamic online store Milady and I have been creating, firaushah.com. That blog will continue with the DLAI tradition of answering questions about Islam and trying to correct the many misconceptions people have about Islam and Muslims; however, I will also use that blog to let my customers know about new products that firaushah.com will be selling. The purpose of firaushah.com is to beautify Muslims, both internally and externally, insha'allah, and I think these two sides coming together will both fulfill firaushah.com's mission and benefit you, my readers.

In the meantime, I'm leaving this blog up as it still gets a fair number of hits from people looking for information about Islam. However, firaushah.com - the blog will be getting all the new material, insha'allah. For those of you who have linked to this page (or would like to link to the new blog), the new URL is http://firaushah.com/blog/ .

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