May 18, 2008

Ahmad Deedat on Polygamy in Islam

Note: Deedat erred when he called Jessica Hahn a prostitute, which she was not (she was a church secretary who was drugged and raped by televangelist Jim Bakkar). However, the point about Bakkar (and Marvin Gorman and Jimmy Swaggart) remains valid.

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spincitysd said...

Look at 1 at 1 Corinthians Verses 1-40. Paul is fairly clear about only one husband and one wife. He prefers that all Christians would remain chaste but Marriage is seen as a good way to stay out of sin.

As for bible-thumping Televangelists, they are easy prey. They are a skeevy, hypocritical lot. The medium of T.V. guarantees that any "religious" broadcasting will be 1 part religion and 9 parts circus side-show.