March 16, 2005

Hijab (Part 1; Insha'allah I'm sure there will be more... :) )

erey wrote: "I would say it is the muslim world more than the western media that seem to be fascinated with hijab. Half the conversations between muslims around women is all about hijab. Should I/should I not, must I/I don't have to. There seems to be more conversation amoung muslims regarding a head scarf than nonmuslims talk about their hair."

I can see where you might think this but, from my perspective, this is more a case of culture shock. The conversations about hijab are more common among Western Muslims (especially converts) than they are with Muslims living elsewhere in the world. For example, here in SE Asia, discussions about hijab (or tudungs, as they're called here) are rare among individuals or in the media. There's no real need for the "fascination" as so many women wear the tudung on a daily basis.

"She was further manipulated by the muslim men around her into this idea that because she is a muslim she has to wear the clothes of a arab woman."

Leaving aside your questionable issue of "manipulation," you need to realize that wearing hijab or tudung does not mean a woman is wearing the clothes of an Arab. It doesn't even really mean that a woman is wearing Muslim clothes. What is a nun's habit other than a form of hijab? Wearing a hijab or tudung means that a woman fears Allah (swt) in the positive sense. It's too bad non-Muslims can't seem to grasp that fact.

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